Bronzed Memories of Georgia

Announcing another product line called
"PAWS TO REMEMBER" designed specifically for those of us who truly love our furry babies! We're aware that there is no better way to preserve the memories of our devoted and faithful animal companions than with your dog or cats actual bronzed paw-print! Remember, we can do this at any age from birth to elderly and of course, anywhere in between.

Don't worry, distance is never a concern at
Bronzed Memories of Georgia because we will be more than happy to ship you the materials so that you can even take the pawprint yourself. When you return it to us, we will then turn it into a priceless keepsake which will last you for a lifetime!

Pets & Prints

We can do Big Dogs, Little Dogs, Cats & Kittens!
pair of pawprints

LOOK - We can also BRONZE your pets collar!

Keep in mind, that your pets bronzed paw print can also be mounted inside a shadow box complete with your pets photograph, or even attached to a beautiful HAND CRAFTED MARBLE URN suitable for an eternal reminder of those memories of that special bond shared between you and your beloved pet. pawprint with marble memorial urn

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